Select the Highway Safety Day date and location for which you would like to register.  If you need to register for an additional location, you will need to submit another registration form and will prompted at the end of the registration process. *


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To whom should we send Highway Safety Day correspondence, audiometric test results, and MSHA certification sheets?

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You will be asked to provide the full names of each attendee to properly generate MSHA certification cards.
Will all attendees take part in annual audiogram testing?

How many will take part in annual audiogram testing?

Please provide the full name of each attendee.  Please ensure correct spelling - your entries will be used on attendee MSHA cards.  Approximately 30 days prior to the Highway Safety Day you will receive an list containing each attendee you've registered

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Thank you, {{answer_40055982}} for registering for the 2017 Highway Safety Days!  You've registered for the following date and location {{answer_23396765}}.  We look forward to seeing you and your employees!

If you need to make changes to this registration, please contact Jodi Traas at 800.511.9797.
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